NACA Applications

By submitting this application you authorize NACA and its affiliates to submit and process the application on your behalf and will not hold liable any of the involved parties in the event of an application denial. The corresponding program to which you are applying herein is the sole determining factor and will use its own discretion when determining eligibility. You agree that the device provided will be provided as-is as well as firs-come first-serve basis and no guarantee is made ondevice availability.

If at any time during the application provess NACA or its affiliates discover fraudulent application attempts, the application may be stopped and reported to the corresponding authority. 

If you agree to the previously mentioned statement please follow the instructions provided below for the application enrollment into the ACP program. NACA and its affiliates are not responsible for inaccurate or false information. The applicant is solely responsible for any and all provided information following the local, state and federal guidelines for this program.


  1. Please fill out the information as accurately as possible. DO NOT provide false information per guidelines above.
  2. Please ensure you have a valid email and a valid phone number. Make sure these are not being used by another applicant. Phone numbers and email addresses are not to be shared for applications they must be unique.
  3. DO NOT provide full Social Security Number (SSN) – Only the last 4 digits are necessary for the application.
  4. DO NOT use a business address or P.O. Box. A true physical address is needed. Note: Multiple People CAN use the same address as long as they fall under the federal household guidelines (i.e. If you are not sharing income with your roommate; that is considered two separate households. On the other hand, if you are sharing income with someone in that makes only one household.)
  5. If you are submitting documentation for your program, make sure the documentation has the following:
    1. The consumer’s name, or the name of their benefit qualifying person (BQP);
    2. The name of the qualifying program, such as SNAP;
    3. The government, Tribal entity, program administrator, school, school district, university, or college that issued the document; and
    4. An issue date within the last 12 months or a future expiration date that aligns with the benefit period, with the following exceptions:
      • For the Free and Reduced-Price School Lunch Program or School Breakfast Program, including at US Department of Agriculture (USDA) Community Eligibility Provision schools, documents must be from the current school year or the school year immediately preceding the application.
      • For USDA Community Eligibility Provision (CEP) schools, documents must show that the student is enrolled in a CEP School. Acceptable documentation must include the name of the enrolled student, the relevant school year, the name and address of the school, and contact information for the school.
      • For Federal Pell Grants, documents should be from the current award year and can include:
        • screenshots that clearly document the student’s receipt of a Pell Grant during the current award year, written confirmation from a student’s school (college or university, community college, or career school) or the Department of Education that the student has received a Pell Grant for the current award year,
        • a student’s official financial aid award letter documenting the amount of a student’s Pell Grant award received for the current award year, or
        • a copy of a student’s paid invoice that clearly documents the student’s receipt of a Pell Grant during the current award year.

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